BoltAffect, a local startup that builds complex web apps, approached me to create a logo for them. Together, we developed a versatile symbol that represents BoltAffect’s place as a catalyst helping companies develop custom web applications. 


My initial client meeting with BoltAffect revealed that they saw themselves as a catalyst working between companies and their target audiences to create custom software to connect complex supply and commerce systems. They were passionate about empowering companies to connect with customers more effectively. From this meeting, it was clear that the company was drawn to lightning bolt imagery and I focused my concepts toward incorporating this requirement.Icon Breakdown

Visually I wanted to portray BoltAffect’s straightforward no-nonsense approach to solving complex issues. I accomplished this by using a single mono-weight line to render the icon in the BoltAffect logo. While the icon itself is very simple, it is rich with symbolism. The line that defines the icon’s form is analogous to the path BoltAffect follows as they define and develop solutions for their clients. The icon itself has reference to an industrial bolt and creates two arrows joined by the central lightning bolt representing BoltAffect’s role in connecting companies and customers. The logotype is rendered using League Spartan and adds to the industrial feel.

As I developed the color palette for BoltAffect, I knew that we needed to avoid the traditional blue or yellow associated with power and electricity. Instead I selected magenta and orange to create a vibrant and friendly impression appropriate to the company culture. The logo was well received and provides BoltAffect with a strong and flexible identity that will grow with the company.