The Forge system helps birth mothers learn more about families looking to adopt. I worked with BoltAffect to design the prospective parent’s section so these families could present birth mothers with information about themselves and their homes.


Prior to Forge, prospective parents would create a picture book or other small booklet to give to birth mothers. Our goal was to create an easy-to-use system that would allow users to create micro-sites as an alternative to printed booklets.Forge Familys page

To determine the content needs for each micro-site, we used the example booklets as a basis and defined sections for a letter to the birth mother, information about the prospective parents, their home, and what life with the family might look like.Forge About and Home sections

Once the sections and content needs for the site were defined, I worked with the rest of the team to create static mockups. These mockups provided visual direction for color, photography, and defined the site layout for the family landing page and the sites for the individual families. The approved mockups were handed off to the dev team for prototyping and implementation.Forge waiting parents page